Kosmo Desktop

Since the date of the public release of the first stable version of Kosmo Desktop, on April 2006, the evolution was constant and increasing. Nowadays there are 7 released versions and each of them with substantial upgrades... and the next one which is being developed will include a lot of new concepts, tools and posibilities that we expect it'll be outstanding and useful to the community.

One aspect that make a difference in Kosmo-Desktop is its design, with functionalities mostly aimed to the real and most common needs of the users. The "what must have" and the "how must be shown to the user" are designed from the users point of view.

Kosmo-Desktop was implemented using the Java programming language and is developed from the JUMP platform and a big list of open source libraries of known prestige which are used in lots of free software projects, special mention for JTS , plus the use of many projects as:
  • Geotools :  base library for multiple tools.
  • Castor :  Java library for objects serialization into XML. In Kosmo it allows us to save an load the objects of the project.
  • ERMapper :  free library for work with ECW files.
  • GDAL
  • Log4J :  Allows  the creation of a registry with the operations that the application performs.

Also we have reused code from other projects such as gvSIG , OpenJUMP , the SIGLE project , etc.